Sebastien Tavenas

Co-founder & CEO

Sebastien co-founded Mobility4All thinking about his near-blind father who lives near Paris. He handles operations, including business strategy & planning, investor relations and finance. A graduate from the Institut Superieur de Gestion in Paris, he is a world traveled business executive with extensive management experience in the luxury goods industry.  Most recently he was the GM and VP of Global Sales for a tableware company, and received the US President E Award for Export. Prior to that he served as Executive Director of the French American Chamber of Commerce in Minneapolis.


Karen Vento

Community Outreach Director

Karen has been involved with MO since its creation, and she shares our mission to help seniors. She has an extensive expertise with seniors and senior communities; she was working recently with Episcopal Homes on NeighborCare – which is an innovative approach to providing home support. She was also developing participation of seniors over 55 at the Midway YMCA of MN. Finally, she has been consulting with senior housing companies and is a committee member on the Advisory Committee on Aging to the City of Saint Paul.


Jessica Valle

Operations Manager

Jessica, as a founder of a medical awareness campaign, knew she found a home in Mobility4All due to her unique perspective of what it means to face life challenges that change the needs of an individual. “Our service isn’t just for the riders, it’s also for their family.” She truly sees the value in our mission to better the lives of our community one person at a time. “If your own love one faced a hardship and was no longer able to take care of themselves in some way, you would want the peace of mind knowing that they’re truly taken care of. That’s why I work for Mobility4All.”

Laurie Rosener

Customer Service Representative

Laurie is an avid gardener and animal lover. Her ‘kids’ are 2 dogs, Bruno and Diego, 2 cats, Sebastien and Sabine, and 2 parrots, Lulu and Rosie. In the summer you can find her either in her gardens or floating in her little 10ft pool. She absolutely loves working with the elderly and Mobility4All. 

Teira Harris

Customer Service Representative

Teira is a huge believer in helping her community and it’s what brought her interest to Mobility4All. “I don’t know what else to say, I just really love helping people. All the riders are so much fun to talk to and even chatting with the communities can become a highlight of the day. It’s just really nice being a part of this.”