Individual Monthly Subscription – Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

$1,025.00 / month



⮚     Our cashless system makes the trip more pleasant by removing any financial transaction with the driver and providing an additional layer of safety, ease, and comfort.


Pricing is all inclusive

⮚     Benefit from our premium call center M-F, 8AM to 5PM. No fees for booking, changing, or canceling fees.

⮚     Never be charged for additional service fee: pricing includes door thru door service, receive trip notifications, announcement at pick-up, assistance with wheelchair or walker.

⮚     Don’t be rushed: 15 mins of service time is included with each ride.

⮚     Ride Notifications via text message to riders and their family/caregiver/support network.

⮚     No hidden fees: no surge price and no tips are required.


Individual Monthly Subscription Pricing

⮚     $1,025/month (save up to 35% on regular pricing)

⮚     25 one way rides included per month

⮚     All rides 0 to 10 miles

Additional options:

o   Additional rides or mileage will be charged at standard rate of $4.00 per mile