You have plans. You have appointments. You have a date.

You just need a ride. Say hello to MO.

MO knows that seniors and people with disabilities have places to go. We offer options that meet your needs.

  • Our MO driving certification includes special training to serve seniors and people with disabilities
  • Each driver passes a state certified ongoing background check
  • Our experienced drivers are trained to provide door thru door service
  • A family member, caregiver or support network member can book and pay for rides and receive updates
MO Points
1 MO point = 1 mile
MO Points are all-inclusive (booking fee, 10 minutes of service time, no cancellation fee)
You can cancel anytime for a refund, or donate your MO points.
Cost: $3 per MO point. MO points never expire.
ServiceMO PointsUS $
Minimum fare (up to 5 miles included)5 MO Points$15
No show2 MO Points$6
Service time/hour (prorated)10 MO Points$30
After 10 miles, each mile is:.75 MO Points$2.25
MO Points Packages available:
20 MO Points for $60
30 MO Points for $90
40 MO Points for $120
Pay as you go

Try our service without commitment. It includes the same level of service:

  • booking fee & service fee included
  • select your vehicle preference
  • trip notifications
  • no additional tip
ServiceUS $
Minimum fare (up to 5 miles included)$20
Cost per mile$4
No show$8
Service time/hour (prorated)$40
After 10 miles, each mile is:$3

Registration page coming soon.

Send us your name and email address and we’ll contact you when it’s time to register.