You have plans. You have appointments. You have a date.

You just need a ride. Say hello to MO.

MO knows that seniors and people with disabilities have places to go. We offer options that meet your needs.

  • Our MO driving certification includes special training to serve seniors and people with disabilities.
  • Each driver passes a state certified ongoing background check.
  • Our caring drivers are trained to provide door thru door service, help in and out of the vehicle as needed, and provide companionship.
  • A family member, caregiver or support network member can book and pay for rides and receive updates.
  • We use a convenient, cashless points system to pay for rides.
  • We provide rides in the MSP metro area, with dedicated drivers serving specific areas.

We’re almost ready for you to sign up to ride with us! Send us your name and email address and we’ll contact you when it’s time to register.

  1. Call (612) 412-4321.
  2. If this is your first booking, leave time to share some information with us so that we are prepared to meet your needs. (If you’re already registered, tell our representative if we should make any changes to your account.
  3. Request a wheelchair accessible vehicle if you need one.

Our MO trained driver will meet and introduce themselves to you in the lobby or front door at the start of your trip. That’s it! Enjoy the ride.